Country Risk & Threat Advisory Briefing: UAM

The Union Arab Maghreb (UAM) is a region comprised of five very different countries, but with very similar risks associated with them. Interestingly, these countries have nothing to unite them other than the name given to the region of which they are a part. Morocco and Algeria are at each other’s throats and have been for some time, and on top of that, Morocco is isolating itself from the rest of the world over its stance on Western Sahara. Libya is still as politically and militarily divided as ever, with very little hope of reuniting any time in the next decade. Lastly, Mauritania is reeling from the tenure of its previous President while providing support to the ongoing conflict in the Sahel. Corruption, fragile and dependent economies and the threat of terrorism and other potential conflicts, are all major issues these countries share. Often is it quoted that ‘there is more that unites us than divides us’, but the nations in the UAM seem to be united only by the risks and threats that they pose.


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