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The Requirement

Education is an ongoing process, and the example must be set from the top down. Senior leaders need to understand the business-critical issues of cyber-security and vulnerability mitigation and be aware that these need to be built into any future financial plan or corporate strategy that the Client wishes to pursue. A ‘cyber education’ course is offered by KCS Group for senior staff on the current reality of cyber attacks and the real-world implications, highlighting that such issues are the responsibility of all.

The Strategy

Over the course of a one-day session, attendees will be given expert insight as to a wide range of methods and tactics used by bad actors to compromise cyber-security, learn about the strategic importance of placing cyber-security at the core of all business activity at all levels, and see cyber-security placed in context of legal regulation, technical practicalities and business requirements. This provides a comprehensive overview of ‘the cyber state’ and the ways in which it can affect a company – but also crucially, adopts a pro-active approach and deals with strategies for attendees to take away and implement to improve their own companies’ cyber-posture. Attendees can expect an insight into the realities of the current undeclared cyber-war (at both a corporate and political level) and are invited to share their own thoughts and experiences, creating a collaborative session that further explores the significant issues facing boardrooms today. 

This course is delivered by accredited cyber experts with practical experience ‘on the front line’ against cyber-criminals and in assessing organisations against regulatory standards and best-practices.

The Benefit

The cost of a cyber breach can run into millions in lost sales, remediation work, and loss of reputation, affecting the value of the business and the position of the board members. This one-day Cyber Education program provides an invaluable first step for business and thought-leaders to gain a foundational understanding of the who, how and why of cyber threats, and aid them in recognising and addressing the informational risk effectively. 

A recommended next step would be the ‘Cyber Resilience’ course.


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