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Intelligence Fusion

The intelligence work of KCS Group varies in nature but is always geared towards creating transparency and meeting strict Terms of Reference as outlined by the Client. Utilising the process of ‘intelligence fusion’: combining specialist open-source research, information from human assets and support from cyber quarters, to provide the most complete and actionable product. 

Due Diligence/Know Your Customer

In-depth profiling and screening. To determine the level and nature of risk posed by a particular individual or entity and exposing any issue of criminality or concern that the subject of interest has attempted to conceal. Aim: to create transparency on every issue. Allowing for a more informed decision to be made...

Discreet Investigations

Carried out when a theft/fraud has already occurred or when the Client has reason to believe that there is other malpractice within a firm or emanating from an individual. Aim: to provide a timely, relevant, and actionable picture of the situation. Not only to prove the facts but discover their scope and scale in the first place...

Asset Tracing

Enacted to discreetly identify, enumerate and locate assets of a particular sanctioned/targeted individual in support of legal action. Aim: to offer proof and evidence of the assets so that the legal process may better be carried out...

Market Entry

Assisting Clients with a broad range of services related to entering a new market. From an in-depth overview of the hidden political, economic, and social factors that will be in play, to a diligence overview of a specific partner in that market. Aim: to advise the Client of threats arising from any quarter. Providing a pro-active strategy for success...


Cyber Services

KCS Group offers comprehensive proactive risk assessment services that provide organisations with a status report of their cyber risk exposure and posture, to enable them to make informed decisions on various cyber risks, threats and vulnerabilities that exist both internally and externally. The Group supports organisations in resource allocation based on the intelligence-led cyber services.


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