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The Requirement

Clients looking to establish themselves in new markets are at risk from a number of factors. Not only the possibility of falling prey to fraudulent bad actors in this new jurisdiction (and often such new markets are in the developing world where the threshold for corruption is far lower), but from broader social-political concerns that may indirectly affect their business, the involvement of foreign powers, and the understanding that both countries and companies alike can be used as pawns in concerns that have nothing to do with a Client’s specific interests.

The Strategy

Market entry is thus conducted on the basis of looking beyond the Client’s immediate partner company or venture. There is a foundational element of ensuring that any partnership or joint venture is not with an entity that poses ‘red flag’ risks to a Client’s financial or reputational probity. However, a market entry project goes much further. It considers the ‘grey area dynamics’ that will affect any project, regardless of scope or scale: issues of political interference, corruption, bureaucratic boundaries, civil unrest/terror attacks, and a whole range of other active and passive, legal and illegal, obstacles that must be considered to call any in-country project a success. This is done both on a short- and long-term basis, so that the Client can better adjust their market entry strategy based on the projections. 

Any such project is predicated both on extensive, expert research and analysis from a wide range of credible sources, and on exclusive comment from assets deeply embedded in the relevant markets/jurisdictions. 

In addition to providing valuable advice regarding the grey areas that will inherently affect a Client’s business, KCS Group can also offer further pro-active help as may be required. For instance, helping to select another venture partner if the first is identified as unsuitable, and providing further long-term support in terms of constant monitoring of key grey area dynamics and assisting with other in-country efforts and investigations.

The Benefit

Taking a broader, holistic view of all facets of a market will enable the Client to have far greater confidence in their engagement plan. KCS Group has successfully worked alongside Clients in Russia, the Middle East and Africa to ensure that their market entries go smoothly and provide an extra layer of intelligence-led support. 


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