Discreet Investigations

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The Requirement

Sensitive cases can occur at any time and take a variety of forms. Perhaps, there is concern after a deal has been signed about the legal and financial standing of a partner; perhaps, a serious case of suspected fraud has been established; perhaps, an immediate surveillance and investigative operation is needed in order to clarify a Client’s worst fears. In any such situation, there is a need for discreet investigation that can operate in a manner deep enough to get to the bottom of the issue, but also timely enough to still be of relevance.

The Strategy

KCS Group is well-versed in conducting such discreet investigation worldwide. A core of analysts provides expert research and analysis, matched by the capabilities of human assets directly on-the-ground and cyber-experts in the dark web and beyond. This creates a fusion of intelligence that can meet any investigative challenge, with the flexibility and reach to go places where other investigators cannot and go beyond traditional means of enquiry in an effort to secure the bigger picture.

This freedom in scope and scale means that multiple forms of investigation can be enacted. An intelligence-led enquiry into the history and current activity of a subject of interest is just as achievable as an engagement to identify a criminal network across the dark web, and an investigation seeking to confirm the culpability of an ‘insider threat’ carried out with just as much discretion as a surveillance operation on a suspected espionage operative. Compared to strict Know-Your-Customer operations, these kinds of discreet investigations occur ‘in media res’, where something has already gone wrong and there is a need to identify the scope of the problem and implement mitigation measures quietly, yet swiftly.

The Benefit

Every discreet investigation will be different, defined by the task at hand. However, it is important for Clients to know that they have on hand a provider who can tackle any problem with an intelligence-led approach, which gives the Client the best advice of the nature and extent of the problem – and what can be done. When dealing with a difficult and potentially dangerous situation, the comfort of knowing the facts is not to be underestimated, and Clients in the legal, industrial, and corporate sectors around the world who have faced unexpected problems of corruption, theft and intimidation, can attest to the tenacity and success of KCS Group in providing the facts. 


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