Cyber Security Audit

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The Requirement

Cyber security is the responsibility of every employee at all levels, and while the IT department takes the lead in setting the rules and recommending best practice, their efforts are for naught if the company at large remains a ‘wild west’. A cyber security audit is a comprehensive review of people, infrastructures, and processes, designed to identify vulnerabilities, expose weaknesses, and evaluate policy and offer the Client far greater advisement of their security posture, both positive and negative.

The Strategy

A KCS Group Cyber Security Audit provides Client management with a high-level, independent, comprehensive assessment of their cyber security policies and procedures, and crucially, the operating effectiveness of these. Audits also identify internal control and regulatory deficiencies that could put the organisation at risk from external factors. Several facets will be considered in a high-level review of all pertinent areas of the organisation: cyber risk governance, data security, risk management, training and awareness, policies & contracts, physical controls and supply chain/third-party considerations. 

It is important that such a review be independent, so those carrying out bring no preconceived bias as to where the problems lie or whose responsibility it is (both financial and practical). It should be sufficiently wide-ranging to cover all applicable issues extending from the concept of ‘cyber security’ (a broad church) and have enough leeway via the total support of company management, to carry out the audit without pushback or dissent. 

The result is a series of reports on identified systemic trends and weaknesses in security, with proof of vulnerabilities/failure in practice and analyses of the limitations of policy and procedure. Also fed back will be responses to all aspects of the audit findings and recommendations for corrective action and future standards/guidelines.

The Benefit

While cyber security is the responsibility of all employees, it starts at the top. KCS Group’s Cyber Security Audit reports provide management with a sound basis for understanding their organisation’s current cyber security position, alongside recommendations for improving existing policies and practices, and adopting a proactive approach to cyber security mindfulness.


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