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The Requirement

Cyber-risk is rising in both the quantity and severity of the attacks, with gaps and vulnerabilities (particularly those about which a firm has no knowledge) offering easy access for cyber-criminals to distract, disrupt and destroy. Cyber threat intelligence is vital to identify the weaknesses in systems, infrastructure and people, both internally and externally.

The Strategy

The KCS Group Cyber Threat Intelligence service (CTI) assesses the defence strength of an organisation and allows for the quantification and prioritisation of risk. It utilises a wide range of discreet sources to provide a rounded understanding of threats facing the organisation. These include access to multiple arenas within the deep and dark web where established weaknesses are sold or swapped, and particular bad actors identified; analysis of Indicators of Compromise (samples, IPs and domains) associated with previous malicious activity for pattern recognition; the use of legends and aliases to solicit discreet intelligence from closed forums and a range of monitoring capabilities on a Client’s brands, attack surfaces and assets alike, to provide clarity on further points of compromise. These collectively, reveal exposed credentials and the possible intent to use specific ‘chatter’ pertaining to current or future targets and methods, the company’s digital footprint (whether acknowledged or not) and any other ‘red flags’ that pose a direct and deliberate risk. 

CTI ensures that not only are organisations made aware of their capabilities and weaknesses in detecting, preventing, and responding to a range of attacks, but that measures can be implemented to catch such threats ahead of time.

The Benefit

CTI exposes weaknesses not only in policies and infrastructure, but in the organisational culture and employee practice – vital at a time when cyber-security is no longer the concern of the IT department alone, and when techniques and adversaries are advancing at an ever-faster rate. In order to avoid such financial and reputational devastation, Clients have sought Cyber Threat Intelligence in order to give them timely and actionable information in support of better decision-making.


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