Discreet Reputation Management

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The Requirement

In an age where anyone can post anything on the Internet, anonymously, unregulated and without accountability, Clients of any kind, must take steps not only to have a full awareness of the information posted about them online (particularly if this is not true), but also to manage their reputation and ensure that misleading or defamatory material is scrubbed and replaced by content that offers a more genuine profile of the Client in question. 

The Strategy

Reputation management thus comes in two halves. Firstly, extensive cyber-monitoring to uncover the Client’s full digital footprint across media sites, blogs, corporate records and so on, including any names/companies/locations that the Client sees fit to render as a Term of Reference and across both the open and dark web. Particular effort is paid towards determining derogatory posts, their scope and source, in order to assess whether such bad press is a ‘one-off’ or indicative of a wider campaign.

Then, any negative references will be suppressed with positive press and media, using a variety of methodologies. Secure and optimised domain registration will be employed to ensure that the requisite sites appear top of any search engine list, new blogs and websites will be created to highlight key words and statements that swamp the negative press and reinforce the reputation and character of the Client (approximately ten new sites per project is an average, with at least one new post added a week, with a social media page creation also recommended), and to report offensive or defamatory content as malicious and have it taken down by the appropriate authorities – with the added bonus of identifying the creators so that, if necessary, further discreet action can be taken.

The Benefit

A program of this type will offer a Client comfort that their reputation is being reinforced through all applicable channels online, both through pro-active creation strategies to ensure that only true facts are given credence and precedence, and defensive measures to tackle malicious content both in form and at the source. Major companies and high net worth individuals around the globe have utilised KCS Group’s considerable expertise in this area, understanding as they do that without a reputation being upheld, future business becomes much more challenging.


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