History lovers remain protected

KCS Group Europe, a leading provider of Specialist Intelligence and Cyber Security Services, has been working with the prestigious British Museum – ensuring that the data of their members and supporters is kept secure.

In 2021, KCS’s Cyber Team, headed by Mary Nwaojei, were brought in to understand and assess the Museum’s online security needs, with a focus on data security and due diligence as a priority. An on-going monitoring service gives the Museum the much-needed peace of mind.

In the Museum’s February Newsletter, members and supporters were reassured, making reference to the vital work undertaken by KCS. “The Museum is working with KCS (Strategic Intelligence & Corporate Security), leading experts in the field of corporate intelligence and risk consulting, to proactively address the issues of data security and to support and enhance the Museum’s online security. Their support ensures that the data of our members, supporters and visitors is kept safe.”

In today’s world, cyber attacks and threats are more prevalent in all areas of life. The vital work KCS do quietly takes place in the background so that visitors can continue to experience the Museum online through a range of digital communication platforms. History lovers can keep learning about the collection, safe in the knowledge that their data is protected.


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