NEWS RELEASE – UK Intelligence analysts track web of hidden money

UK Intelligence analysts track web of hidden money

KCS Group Europe examines sources of Russian financial support and links to Czech president

KCS Group Europe has traced a highly complex and hidden web of financial transactions designed to fund individuals and groups in support of the Russian leadership.

The Group’s latest research paper, entitled The Fifth International: The Kremlin’s plan for Europe’ also examines the relationship between Czech President Milos Zeman and the Kremlin.

Using banks, offshore money laundering and shell companies, funds have been tracked by KCS Group Europe (KCSGE) to Zeman’s party (SPO) which have come through these hidden and secret channels.

Recent protests attended by tens of thousands in Prague’s Wenceslas Square have been marked by strong anti-Western sentiments, with many calling for the country to leave the European Union and NATO, suggesting that those institutions provoked the war in Ukraine.

The Czech president’s own relationship with Russia has been complicated over the past decade.

KCS Group Europe says that Zeman and his party, the Citizens Rights Party (SPO) have been among the individuals and groups that Russia used to gain political influence throughout the continent over the past decade.

KCS Group Europe CEO, Stuart Poole Robb says, “It is hard to discern how long these companies have been funding Zeman and his party and whether it continues to this day. It is likely that up to the invasion of Ukraine, Zeman and the SPO were still receiving funding and it shows through Zeman’s pro-Russia stance during most of his presidency.

“Zeman is just another example of this so-called Fifth International –  an attempt to create a new international congress of socialists and workers – along with Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, they are the ‘dark horses’ of Europe using their influence to provide the insider support that Putin needs.”


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Report Date : Oct 2022
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