Putin and Xi Jinping are the ones looking presidential

Regardless of whether one believes President Trump gained power via Russian ‘collusion’ or somehow managed to influence the British public’s decision to vote for Brexit, etc, one thing is absolutely certain in today’s post-truth world. While the cracks of disunity emerge between the so-called allied countries to reveal the true playing field in the world today, Russia and China have all the advantage and potentially the power.

With all the Western world’s mainstream media scrabbling to be the first to release the latest so-called White House leak, Democrats out to destroy Republicans, congressional hearings running endlessly, constant calls for Trump’s impeachment, and European leaders desperately trying to gain political capital by making fun of Trump while declaring the UK owes ridiculous sums of money before it leaves to cover the gapping financial hole of poor management, nobody seems to realise that the only leaders who are sitting comfortably right now are in fact Putin and Xi Jinping, as they watch the rest of the world tear itself apart.

However, one of the two really pressing issues creating all the trouble at the moment is that the world economies have little choice but to open up or collapse under the restrictive protectionist policies of the US and the European Union and the drowning banking legislations imposed during the Obama administration.

At some point, America’s political opponents are going to have to climb down from the current, childish rhetoric (hopefully sooner rather than too late) that is squeezing the life out of the US as a country and economy. It appears to have been quickly forgotten that both Obama and Clinton tried desperately to ‘reset’ relations with Putin, perhaps recognising even then that US/Russian hostilities must come to an end in order to focus on the far more important and global economic impacting problem of China.

While everyone concentrates on the great political war going on in the US and living in fear that North Korea will start WWIII because of Trump, China has been rapidly buying up huge swathes of important assets throughout South East Asia. When one considers that vast sums of that money is really being used to help struggling dictators cover up their own financial mismanagement, it should not be too difficult to comprehend that China’s plan is to buy control of the South China Sea and, if Xi Jinping succeeds, that will have an immeasurable impact on the world economy.

Report Date : Jun 2017
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