Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

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The Requirement

Whether through corporate or state-sanctioned espionage, firms of all kinds (and their staff) are at risk of being ‘bugged’ or otherwise compromised by sophisticated devices both physical (hidden microphones, cameras) and technical (Trojans and rootkits), in attempts by bad actors to steal sensitive data or simply gain information of use in a future attack. The need to know if you are being targeted in such discreet manners is thus, paramount.

The Strategy

A KCS Group Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) inspection is designed to root out any device or system that is obtaining sensitive information and is suitable for a variety of personal and professional environments (including vehicles). The following procedures will be carried out:

  • A radio spectrum search using a radio spectrum processor and associated antenna systems, to detect active illegal radio (including GSM) and video transmitters, and evaluation of Wi-Fi networks.
  • An electronically enhanced physical search using specialist detectors, thermal imaging and forensic equipment to search the structure and furniture within the designated areas, to detect eavesdropping devices that are passive (not working) at the time of the inspection. 
  • Computer keyboards and other computer equipment will be examined to determine if key loggers and similar eavesdropping equipment are present at the time of the search. 
  • A physical and electronic inspection of all electrical wiring, power outlets, light switches, electronic equipment, and cable runs, using specialised electronic equipment and cable testers. All electrical items inspected are sealed with “tamper evident seals” where appropriate. 
  • A physical and electronic inspection of all telecommunications equipment, floor distribution points and individual telephone sockets. All cable runs are tested using a time domain Reflectometer and British Telecom approved test equipment.

The Benefit

Whether a company or an individual, understanding your exposure to concealed listening and monitoring devices by means of a TSCM sweep, provides clarity on the threat levels posed by bad actors, and allows for the cessation of a key plank of their activities. As with everything, information is the lynchpin for bad actors and Clients alike – and understanding the ways in which you are being targeted, allows for a more pro-active approach in mitigating the threats.


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