Tier 1 - Country list

  1. France (due on 1st May 2024)
  2. Hungary (due on 1st May 2024)
  3. Moldova (tba)
  4. Czech Republic (tba)
  5. Slovakia (tba)
  6. Serbia (tba)

Tier One countries consist of the minimum quota of six countries that KCSGE analysts are committed to report on every quarter. These countries may be defined as high demand, high interest markets.


Tier 2 - Country list

  1. Italy (due on 1st May)
  2. Saudi Arabia (tba)
  3. n/a

Tier Two countries are countries that are problematic, in the news and impacting on trade and peacekeeping.

They are guest countries and therefore not part of the fixed CRB report delivery schedule. They are produced as and when there is a requirement.

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