Vulnerability Management

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The Requirement

Bad actors are adept at exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a Client target company or individual’s IT infrastructure. The Client is at an immediate disadvantage if unaware that they are being targeted, perhaps fatally so if they are unaware that vulnerabilities even exist. 

The Strategy

A Vulnerability Management Programme utilises a range of technologies to scan the external-facing infrastructure of a Client (across as many sites as necessary) to detect, assess, manage and resolve cyber vulnerabilities across endpoints and systems, on a regular basis as follows:

An external non-intrusive vulnerability assessment employs decisive threat intelligence gathering techniques and a deep understanding of an organisation’s IT and business processes, to prioritise risks and address vulnerabilities as early as possible. 

An internal vulnerability assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of internal services, advising on the specific status of assorted patching and security issues, working on the assumption that should a bad actor breach the perimeter, (the focal point for investment and protection), further attacks may go unchallenged. 

A social media vulnerability audit assesses the amount of data leaking into social media platforms both from official company sources and from employees, verifying adherence or otherwise to an organisation’s social media policy and providing evidence of any potentially exploitable individual or information.

The Benefit

Collectively, vulnerability assessments serve to advise Clients of their internal and external vulnerabilities, show where their weaknesses lie, and indicate how they can be mitigated. Legal, industrial and specialist businesses have all used KCS Group’s vulnerability management service with great success. Far better for a Client to find out about their vulnerabilities this way, than when the damage is already done.


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