British Virgin Islands

Virgin on the ridiculous

If irony needs physical form made flesh, there can be few better examples than last month’s findings of an official Commission report that the British Virgin Islands was suffering from poor governance and widespread corruption, having to be brought forward because the Islands’ Premier, Andrew Fahie, was arrested in the USA and stripped of his …

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A plague on all our houses?

The Virgin Islands. The Cayman Islands. Panama. Nevis. Switzerland. Malta. Not only a list of attractive holiday destinations but a run-down of some of the world’s most notorious tax havens and offshore registries, for decades now providing safe spaces for those who prefer that ‘hide’ does not always need to be followed by ‘seek’. But …

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Offshore jurisdictions an end to plain sailing

Offshore jurisdictions: an end to plain sailing?

A row is brewing between the UK government and overseas territories over the age-old bugbear of offshore companies. By the end of the decade, Parliament intends to ensure that records of public ownership are freely available in jurisdictions such as the Caymans, the Virgin Islands and Bermuda – or it will ‘compel’ them to be …

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