Ukraine-Russia relations

Strange Bedfellows

The war in Ukraine continues to cause ripple effects around the world. In purely business terms (although not to diminish the humanitarian atrocities), the biggest ‘story’ has been the world’s pivot away from Russian oil & gas and the search for alternatives. While this has led to curious rapprochements, such as a potential thawing of …

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Unrestricted Economic Warfare

While the war in Ukraine rages through expressions of military dominance, elsewhere a far wider conflict is being waged by Russia against, basically, the entire world. As the shutters come down on Russian cultural, economic and political partnerships, Moscow is retaliating by fighting back. While Putin has escalated the war of words with his remark …

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An end to krysha?

Just as the Covid-19 pandemic imposed the phrase ‘the new normal’ into peoples’ vocabularies, Putin’s war may yet reinforce it. An iron curtain of cultural boycotts and political opprobrium has already descended on Russia, with economic sanctions already being among the strongest, and most unified, in history. The operating environment – not only within Russia …

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International tension and the changing face of cybercrime: predictions for 2022

The past two pandemic-afflicted years have seen coronavirus  dominate the news agenda, and what would in typical times be headline news, relegated off the front page. As the world prepares to enter the third year of uncertainty, now more than ever must the key events be treated with appropriate gravity; as they will contribute towards …

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