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Africa and Russia: It takes two

While most of the world has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one region has been far less forthcoming than most in registering its opposition. This is Africa, where half of the continent’s representatives in the UN failed to support the initial resolution demanding an immediate end to the invasion and from which condemnation has …

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Country Risk & Threat Advisory Briefing: India

A foul wind blows India some good – Maybe India finds itself on the brink of becoming a world superpower, potentially. It was perhaps Modi’s decisive action against China’s intrusions into the Eastern Ladakh’s Galwan River Valley in April/May/June 2020, that marked the country’s first real opportunity to be considered in such rarefied air. Yet …

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Political Risk Advisory Briefing: a growing geopolitical force?

Introduction Issues of unity and belonging dominate the political consciousness right now. These are expressed in the sense of Ukraine’s nationhood versus Russia’s desire to eradicate it, in the perhaps-to-be-expanded continental bodies of the EU and NATO, and the ‘global family’ that, still tackling the coronavirus pandemic together, could yet be plunged into a global …

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Climate activism: a new risk to Africa?

East Africa is becoming one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. It is filled with many opportunities for foreign firms, while bringing even greater risks. Corruption is still as pervasive as ever in the eastern region of the continent, with some of the countries having the worst corruption scores (according to Transparency …

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Putin\’s Miscalculations

Overview The enemy of progress is perspective. Perspective is limited, illusionary and therefore, fundamentally flawed in its decision-making processes. Vladimir Putin’s perspective on Russia, Ukraine, and the relationship between the two is fixed: the latter has no right to exist independently, and the former, should return to its former glory and power. Both issues are …

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Strange Bedfellows

The war in Ukraine continues to cause ripple effects around the world. In purely business terms (although not to diminish the humanitarian atrocities), the biggest ‘story’ has been the world’s pivot away from Russian oil & gas and the search for alternatives. While this has led to curious rapprochements, such as a potential thawing of …

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