Russia, Ukraine and Africa: Against the grain

Is Russia’s war in Ukraine a localised conflict, a regional war, or a global disaster? The military action concentrated on one country alone would suggest the first, the various nuclear- and cyber-threats against Europe the second, but global trends are increasingly confirming the third. It is possible to view the Russian invasion, and by extension …

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Africa and Russia: It takes two

While most of the world has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one region has been far less forthcoming than most in registering its opposition. This is Africa, where half of the continent’s representatives in the UN failed to support the initial resolution demanding an immediate end to the invasion and from which condemnation has …

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Climate activism: a new risk to Africa?

East Africa is becoming one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. It is filled with many opportunities for foreign firms, while bringing even greater risks. Corruption is still as pervasive as ever in the eastern region of the continent, with some of the countries having the worst corruption scores (according to Transparency …

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Niger: Setting an example for the rest of Africa?

In early March 2021, Niger held a Presidential election and the country’s first peaceful transition of power, thanks to the outgoing President, Mahamadou Issoufou. Since being elected in 2011, Issoufou has served two terms (10 years) and has now stepped down as President, respecting the constitutional term limit he has fulfilled, a regard increasingly forgone …

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Transitions in Cobalt Country

For the first time in its 60 years history, the opposition recently won an election in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Whilst it is too early to state whether or not the transition of power has been peaceful, let alone successful, this could mark a watershed moment in one of Africa’s key economies. In …

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The last Kings of Scotland

Something perhaps almost unprecedented happened in Kenya last month, when the Supreme Court annulled the result of the August presidential poll after finding it ‘neither transparent nor verifiable’, and ordering a rerun. While still-incumbent President Kenyatta castigated this as a ‘judicial coup’, all signs are that the election will be rerun, raising for the first …

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