Middle East

A month of war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is quite rightly dominating the discourse at the moment, in every sphere. The most common phrase doing the media rounds for the past month has been ‘Putin’s war’. This is both a confirmation of the degree to which this war is being authored by one man, and a tacit acknowledgement …

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Frosty relations: Great powers in an age of war

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia led to a collaborative Western response that targeted Moscow’s economic infrastructure, diplomatic status, and cultural reach. Of these, the economic action was the most intense, with the USA banning all Russian oil & gas imports and needing to find alternatives options for commodities. Understandably, the search quickly led them …

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Putin\’s Miscalculations

Overview The enemy of progress is perspective. Perspective is limited, illusionary and therefore, fundamentally flawed in its decision-making processes. Vladimir Putin’s perspective on Russia, Ukraine, and the relationship between the two is fixed: the latter has no right to exist independently, and the former, should return to its former glory and power. Both issues are …

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Strange Bedfellows

The war in Ukraine continues to cause ripple effects around the world. In purely business terms (although not to diminish the humanitarian atrocities), the biggest ‘story’ has been the world’s pivot away from Russian oil & gas and the search for alternatives. While this has led to curious rapprochements, such as a potential thawing of …

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Political Risk Advisory Briefing: Middle East April 2020

The Latest Political Risk Advisory Briefing from KCS Group Europe focuses on the Middle East. The Middle East is a complex and diverse region, encompassing both more advanced economies (e.g. Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar), as well as countries which have been mired in civil war and could be classified as failed states (e.g. …

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