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Destabilisation – the Kremlin agenda

KCS Group Europe has long talked about Russia’s attempts to infiltrate the governments of its border countries, many of which were once part of the USSR. We’ve seen issues in the Baltics, with politicians and individuals attempting to generate resistance to the current elected government by building opposition parties, all instigated and paid for by …

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The EU: House of Cards?

The gloss of the EU utopian ideal has well and truly tarnished. The EU-project has now come to mean very different things to different people. The Union now covers 27 countries, a combined population of around 447 million and a hugely diverse mix of cultures, nationalities, and social and economic circumstances. A white-collar worker in …

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Saudi Arabia and Iran – an unholy alliance

Russia and China are using Saudi Arabia and Iran to create a North South trading corridor to dilute the trading power of the West. China, as the Big Brother within the BRICS trading bloc, is seeking to mediate between the two to establish a trading agreement that would benefit all parties involved, excluding the West. This move …

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