Western world

Two hard-boiled egos

When two powerful world leaders start to collaborate over how to restructure the global order, the rest of the world had better sit up and take note. The leaders from the G7 nations are desperately trying to intervene, but they are slowly losing cohesion and influence. The growing combined influence of Xi and Putin is …

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China and Russia: Moving mountains

A summit is an appropriate place to talk of mountains, and so Beijing’s description of the Russia-China partnership as, at the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Samarkand, ‘stable as mountains’ is appropriate, if not entirely true. China has thus far been one of Russia’s few credible allies as the latter’s war in Ukraine stretches …

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Africa and Russia: It takes two

While most of the world has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one region has been far less forthcoming than most in registering its opposition. This is Africa, where half of the continent’s representatives in the UN failed to support the initial resolution demanding an immediate end to the invasion and from which condemnation has …

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