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Creating a Dictator

The quagmire of a lengthy, painful, and ultimately unsuccessful campaign in Afghanistan in the 1980s is credited with hastening the demise of the Soviet Union. History could well be repeating, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stretches into an eleventh month and domestic discontent with Putin’s war continues to rise. Could this be the trigger that [...]

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France and Germany: The Kremlin Clock is ticking

With the planet’s doomsday clock still set at three minutes to midnight, Ukraine might be forgiven for expecting at least the second hand to have ticked onwards a little more. If the prospect of World War III is not enough, then what is? A consequence, perhaps, of the perception that this is still something of

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A sanctioned operation

The list of sanctions against prominent Russian figures grows ever longer. In addition to the ‘usual suspects’ of high-ranking political, economic and military figures, the consequences of the war are now becoming a family affair, with Putin’s two adult children and the daughter of Foreign Minister Lavrov included in the latest round for the first

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Unrestricted Economic Warfare

While the war in Ukraine rages through expressions of military dominance, elsewhere a far wider conflict is being waged by Russia against, basically, the entire world. As the shutters come down on Russian cultural, economic and political partnerships, Moscow is retaliating by fighting back. While Putin has escalated the war of words with his remark

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An end to krysha?

Just as the Covid-19 pandemic imposed the phrase ‘the new normal’ into peoples’ vocabularies, Putin’s war may yet reinforce it. An iron curtain of cultural boycotts and political opprobrium has already descended on Russia, with economic sanctions already being among the strongest, and most unified, in history. The operating environment – not only within Russia

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Blue is the colour (of Russian money)

Could Britain be about to take suspected Russian dirty money seriously? First was the introduction of Unexplained Wealth Orders, allowing for greater exploration into the vast amounts of money certain individuals brought to the UK. Now, Roman Abramovich is leading the line of oligarchs facing visa renewal issues. It appears that the Chelsea owner will

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