Cryptocurrency: Step right up for a miracle?

As the pioneers and settlers spread out across the Wild West, a new type of person sprang up in the saloons and squares of the new world: the snake oil salesmen. These charmers would offer tonics promised to cure absolutely any ailment, for an unbelievable price, in a deal that the good townsfolk would be …

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The Fifth International: The Kremlin’s plan for Europe

A term that used to refer to the efforts made by groups of socialists and communists to create a new workers' international, the Fifth International now has a different, more sinister meaning. According to historian, Yuri Felshtinsky, Russia has managed to secure its political influence throughout Europe to create pro-Kremlin political parties and groups, and …

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The luxuries of avoiding sanctions

Global sanctions on Russia continue apace, and there are rare admissions from within the country that these are working. Transport Minister, Vitaly Savelyev, has indicated that current trade logistics have been ‘virtually wrecked’, and the news that McDonalds and Starbucks are to permanently leave the country is, to the ordinary Russian, just as disappointing as …

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Ghost Employees

What connects 30,000 civil servants in Mozambique, 25,000 in Cameroon, 16,000 in Tanzania and 12,000 in Kenya? Just one thing: they did not exist. Over the last five years, all such groupings were identified as fraudulently sitting on the assorted government payrolls and accounting for millions of dollars in deliberate or mistaken lost revenue. These …

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A Crime in Vogue

Last year, in New York, a crime that had little to commend it in the way of relative scale, daring or violence, came to trial amid great fanfare. The amount stolen was by no means small fry, but certainly not worthy of the resulting media storm – lucrative book deals have now been signed and …

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