Fake News

Disinformation overload

‘Facts are sacred’, was the famous maxim of Guardian owner and editor, CP Scott, in the early 1900s. Quite what he would have made of the media of today, where ‘fake news’ runs rampant across social media and disinformation is not only endorsed but enacted by individuals, corporates, and governments alike, we can only imagine. …

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Fake news: World tour

Regrettably, the coronavirus crisis has proven a fertile breeding ground for fake news and scams. It originated from America… it originated from China… it can be cured by a specific type of metal. While governments and health authorities have been quick to dispel these fabrications, it is symptomatic of the ease and breadth with which …

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lntelligence failure and the lessons for the corporate sector

The intelligence community has had its share of failures over the years, from the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 to the lack of sharing that contributed to 9/11. But while governmental agencies are always looking to learn from these failures, there are equal lessons for the corporate sector about the pitfalls that accompany …

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Bambi On Ice: famous footballing fakes

Whether you are singing le football rentre a la maison or nogomet se vraca kuci, or the original under your breath: however many years of hurt your country may have, football will be going somewhere. Whether ‘home’ or not, rather depends on your geography. But while variations on that theme will have been heard throughout …

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The normalization of fake news

In 1940, a nondescript organisation operated out of the Rockefeller building in New York. It may have been officially dealing with British passports, but in reality The British Security Coordination was designed and set up with the express intention of promoting the British war effort, spreading anti-Nazi propaganda across the States and hopefully convince America …

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Russia: a difficult bear to lure

The laziness of hackers is making them smarter. Technological advance is offering new techniques to malign actors and honeypots provide the opportunity to observe how hackers operate. In new types of attack the “dirty work” is carried out by the machine drastically cutting human involvement and time. What it is worrying is not only that …

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