‘Silent Partners’ Part 2 – organised crime’s black market activities

A troubling and complex issue has emerged in response to the US-led sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. Organised crime groups (OCGs), driven by their relentless pursuit of profit, have found fertile ground in evading these sanctions, resulting in a cascade of effects felt across the globe. This is Part 2 of an …

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US attempts to weaken BRICS

With talk that Venezuela and Mexico are formally applying for membership of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), it is a good time to assess just what the Biden administration is trying to do to weaken and break up the trading bloc. The US succeeded in regaining control over the Philippines as part …

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Russia’s second front

Vladimir Putin’s efforts to change the world’s balance of power requires not just a strong military, but serious influence over the world’s oil & gas markets, and to be really effective, he needs more than just Saudi Arabia and Iran on side – he needs control directly or indirectly of South America’s oil production as …

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