Indonesian elections

As the 2024 Indonesian elections approach (scheduled for 14 February), one of Southeast Asia’s most powerful nations faces a critical moment that will dictate its future relationship with China and the United States. Under Indonesian law, current President Joko Widodo, affectionally referred to as Jokowi, is not permitted to run for another term. However, he [...]

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US attempts to weaken BRICS

With talk that Venezuela and Mexico are formally applying for membership of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), it is a good time to assess just what the Biden administration is trying to do to weaken and break up the trading bloc. The US succeeded in regaining control over the Philippines as part

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Indonesia: Komodo country at a crossroads

As Indonesia’s Joko Widodo has his Presidency confirmed for a second term, it is worth examining whether continuity in this case means change. Given that the announcement was brought forward a day due to security fears, with security personnel widely visible amid fears that Al-Qaeda would look to disrupt rallies and insinuations from the opposition

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