Russia’s second front

Vladimir Putin’s efforts to change the world’s balance of power requires not just a strong military, but serious influence over the world’s oil & gas markets, and to be really effective, he needs more than just Saudi Arabia and Iran on side – he needs control directly or indirectly of South America’s oil production as …

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Stranger Than Fiction

For those of us in lockdown and looking to binge on the latest boxsets, Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ is likely to be a popular choice. Detailing as it does the rise and fall of the drug lord Escobar and his cartel, such fare has been fertile ground for dramatisations, both real and imagined. But, as always, one …

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Venezuela: a failed state

‘Unexpectedly’ Nicolas Maduro won another six-year term as President of Venezuela in the recent elections. The country has now reached its lowest point since Chavez’s departure. The 55-year-old leftist will have a lot to work on, even though it was his policy of extensive corruption and remissness of economic stability that led his ship to …

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