France: Liberty, Equality, Inadequacy?

How quickly things change in politics. In April, Emanuel Macron was heralded as the latest saviour of Europe, having defeated the far-right challenge of Marine Le Pen for a second time and promising to remain leader of the fight against Putin – a statesman for our times. Now, he has lost control of the French …

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Strongman of the Year: Kremlin Edition

Where does the soul of Russia lie? Some might say in its literature, with Chekhov, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy providing a formidable ‘reading list’. Others might speak for its music, with Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov among the foremost of classical composers. But, perhaps, there is a third answer, something inextricably bound up in the Russian soul that …

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Business Risk Update

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Business Risk Update’ – specifically for our clients and partners to provide a snapshot of latest news and articles from the business. The war in Ukraine has been raging for over two months and, despite heroic Ukrainian resistance, there is no end in sight. The grimmest predictions for the …

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A month of war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is quite rightly dominating the discourse at the moment, in every sphere. The most common phrase doing the media rounds for the past month has been ‘Putin’s war’. This is both a confirmation of the degree to which this war is being authored by one man, and a tacit acknowledgement …

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Executive Orders: It’s corporate life, but not as we know it

The second in a series of posts looking at the specific duties, problems and responsibilities of corporate executives continues to examine new horizons, but from a different perspective to before: this time, examining the complex world of partnerships, joint ventures, agents, and distribution – where the parent company itself does not decamp en masse to …

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Executive Orders: In search of new horizons

Security starts at the top. Just as cyber-security matters are not the preserve of the IT department alone but the responsibility of every employee to contribute to collective security (and not least those in the boardroom), so too must every decision taken at the highest level be in the sole interest of the company and …

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